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When we started growing vineyards, we wanted to make healthy products that will be remembered not only by its unique taste, but also by its spiritual value using the forgotten knowledge of ancient cultures. That is the reason why we raised vineyards in the perfectly immaculate North-South orientation, following the principles of Sthapatya Veda according to which all the universe and the planet Earth were created.

Apple vinegar Dr Andra ORGANIC

Organic apple vinegar is produced from healthy and autochthons apple fruits without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers, on surfaces where there is no pollutant.

We got quality apple vinegar using a certified organic apple and a traditional method. It retains all the nutrients that the apple has with the addition of acids and enzymes which is naturally produced in the fermentation process


with addition of artichoke

is natural product derived from unsprayed apples and strengthens the defense system of the organism. Frequent use of apple cider vinegar Dr Andra – HOLESTOP contributes to the improvement of blood levels vessels and reduces the level of negative (LDL) cholesterol.


with addition of krusina, nettle, rosa canina, plant funnel

 is natural vinegar obtained in the traditional way from unsprayed apples which progressively reduces the amount of fat in the body, excess body weight, dilutes body fluid s in the intercellular space and thus excrete them from the body, has a beneficial effect on human metabolism.


addition of parsley, celery, basil and marjoram a

 is a great for various types of salads and victual. Apple vinegar Dr Andra – FOR SALAD has the characteristics of natural detoxifying, improves digestive tract function, increases appetite and has a pleasant acidity.


A natural product of unsprayed apples

 is important in a healthy in human food. Dr. Andra apple cider vinegar contains extra nutrients, mainly carbohydrates, proteins and salts. Ethanol and higher alcohols contained in the feedstock create the appropriate scents of a pleasant scent and make unique bouquets of apple cider vinegar dr ANDRA.


Dietary supplement

Helps to organism to overcome the disease of atherosclerosis (reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood); and with other therapeutic aids, contributes to faster stabilization of the body health. In addition to herbal extracts of artichoke, the most commonly used is potassium.


Dietary supplement

Apple vinegar VITALINE is a dietary supplement that helps to organism to overcome the disease and reducing body fat in the body. Overweight, diluting body fluid in the intercellular space and gives a good effect on metabolism. Supplement VITALINE is with addition of Krusina, Nettle, Rose wood and Plant funnel.

poluslatko crveno vino


vino za dvoje


Semi-sweat red wine, made from Vranac, Cabernet souvignon and Merlo. The commercial and unpretentious wine created to hit taste of large range of audiences and become an everyday habit. Kalča is the wine with good benefits and take a place in the position of a serious brand.